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Lucies FarmAt Lucies Farm -- in sunny Worcestershire, England -- we raise pedigree Aberdeen Angus and Highland cattle in the traditional Japanese Kobe style to produce quality beef. We also have an elite dog resort, catering to a handful of exclusive dogs. And we make a range of dog food and dog treats -- even haddock ice cream and a doggie birthday cake.
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Walsh Family AlbumPhotographs of our family -- when we were young, or were working, or were travelling, having fun, being sad, putting on make-up, cooking, playing with the bull terriers, eating (lots of these), living.
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Galleries of Friends & FamilyThe photo galleries of our family and friends.
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Gotta get..........15 views
Kiko147 viewsThis is our last photo of Kiko. I didn't want to bother him by getting up close with the camera, but did want some photographs of Kiko on his 12th birthday, May 1, 2007. He died later that evening, on the couch, and with Marjorie and me at his side. Marjorie asked, "Why do I miss him so much?" But just do a search on this website for "Kiko" to look at all of his pictures. He always made us laugh.
Wooden Gates61 viewsThe upper/southern hinge photographed from within the stable yard. We believe the hinge bracket should have been mounted on the centre of the gate post, but this was not possible because of the construction of the bracket.
I'm such a busy boy22 views
Yes, I went for the healthy option509 views
Sunbathing at Whitecroft992 viewsMarjorie and Pau enjoying the sunshine. Surprising how short the leylandii were in 1994 -- by 2010 they were 20 feet high, and needed constant trimming.
Milo and the Flowers24 views
Me, me, me, me24 views

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Don Nassie with Tahitian Shell Lei556 viewsI think this was taken as a publicity photo for Shirl-iti -- to sell Tahitian shell leis and woven hats. Kahala, the 1960's.Mar 22, 2016
Marjorie at the Beach624 viewsIn a knitted wool bathing suit.Jul 02, 2015
Marjorie Making A Strange Face18871 viewsJul 02, 2015
Blue Lagoon - Iceland885 viewsSpent the winter afternoon enjoying the volcano-heated milky blue waters, infused with silica. Luxury.Feb 10, 2014
Stimpson Hill in the Rain1112 viewsIt's late May, and they've actually had snow on near-by Killington. Temperatures in the low 40's. And four or five days of rain.May 26, 2013
Where did I get that sweater?2209 viewsAn old photo of me at RPI -- circa 1966 or 1967. A friend of mine found this online in another classmate's photo gallery. I remember that sweater -- I thought it was wonderful.May 26, 2013
Snowfall on Stimpson Hill1389 viewsLight winter snow falls on Stimpson Hill.Jan 16, 2013
Sunapee Harbor - New Hampshire1715 viewsWe took the dogs for a Memorial Day drive. In the middle of the countryside we saw a small sign pointing to Sunapee Harbor. Although miles from the sea, we found this lovely "seaside" New England harbor, complete with a seafood restaurant on the water. Gorgeous.May 29, 2012